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Neighborhood Tour, Part 1: Lincoln Square, Welles Park.

Ok, I’m finally doing this.

Just for starters, let me clarify where we live in this large city. Here is a map:

In the upper-right hand area of Chicago, you’ll see and orange neighborhood called Ravenswood, and inside of that you’ll see a smaller blue neighborhood called Lincoln Square. I believe that our street is the border between these two neighborhoods, but “technically” we live in Lincoln Square. For funsies, follow the lake shore south and you’ll find The Loop, which a main part of downtown and is where Josh goes to school.

Today we covered a part of our neighborhood, the main drag of Lincoln Square and the park.

Welles Park is pretty awesome. It has a huge field, 2 playgrounds and multiple softball/baseball fields. Also, like many Chicago parks it has a rec center, and we're lucky enough to have one with a fitness center AND a pool. The rates are a lot cheaper than most gyms (especially in this area) so we really need to jump on that!

One of the many, extremely bold squirrels of the neighborhood. People are pretty nice about leaving food out for these guys in the fall, so they are not very shy when it comes to humans. I have seen them digging though backpacks and purses, and I have seen one snag a baggie of apple slices right out of a toddler's hand. No effing joke! For being so brave, none were really up to being photographed.

Around the park...

Not very much into *going* to church, however...I do appreciate a fine piece of architecture, I love the look of a beautiful church.

Welles Park

Gazebo at the park.

Pretty gazebo statue.

Next to the park, we have a branch of the Chicago Public Library.

From the park we go to Lincoln Square...

The Daily has been one of our favorite places to eat so far. They have a good beer selection, a nice patio and an extremely delicious Black Bean BBQ Burger - a home made black bean patty with cheddar, sauteed onions and a big glob a BBQ sauce. Really good!

The Grind is probably our favorite coffee spot ever...good coffee, yummy treats and nice baristas who stay out of the "too perky" zone without being too hipster for life. The girls here are totally in looooooooove with Elliot, by the way!

The Grind...inside!

Ravenswood Used Books...the whole store looks like this inside. Seriously. It's a floor-to-ceiling labyrinth of books, crazy looking yet actually very organized. It's pretty amazing.

Another book store, but different. New books and a wine bar inside. so you can browse the books while drinking a glass of wine! I see a disturbing amount of mothers doing this with their, before noon.

The courtyard.

I love Merz Apothecary. Herbal, homeopathic and other natural remedies, along with bath and beauty products. Also, the people who work there are experts and are amazingly courteous and helpful.

Gene's is a great little European style grocery...there is a pretty good selection of groceries, not great for stocking up, but great for when you need a couple things in a hurry. They also have a rooftop beer garden that's open when the weather is pleasant.

There are a ton more great restaurants and shops in the neighborhood, but those are a few of our favorites.  More to come in a couple of days!



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