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Mom FAIL #304995: I didn’t get my kid a Halloween costume.

I love Halloween. I know he’s only 1, and it’s not a big deal.

I was really on a mission to make his this year, but I would have had to take a 30 minute train or bus ride (plus walking) to the fabric store. Equally long ride and walk to the second hand or consignment store. I was gonna do it, though. Then I got sick for 2 weeks, Elliot was teething an neither of us were sleeping. Suddenly it’s October 28th and I decided “Meh, who cares.”

So today we go out for our daily morning walk around 10:30, and I noticed my usually pretty quiet neighborhood was packed. As we got to where all of the stores are, I remembered. Today is the neighborhood Halloween/trick-or-treat day. Billions of little kids everywhere dressed up as animals and Disney characters. I feel a little left out so we pop into the Halloween store to see what was there. Well, there were a lot of things…if I had $40+ to spend on a costume for an infant. Fuck no, I do not.

We pop into our favorite coffee shop and the baristas ask where Elliot’s costume is. Luckily they are super busy so my “Err, umm” is a good enough answer. We fight the crowds to get on the side streets for a more peaceful walk. People have their newborns in costumes. All of the babies look so cute. Parents taking tons of pictures. Knowing it’s stupid, I still feel like a loser.

The logical part of me knows this is just Halloween and no one cares. Elliot can’t even walk yet and certainly doesn’t eat candy. The mom part of me can only focus on the fact that Elliot was the only un-costumed kid out in the neighborhood this morning.

We still have Oct 31st, the official Halloween, but I feel like I kind of already blew it. Oh well. While a couple hundred little kids went to bed on sugar crashes, tummy aches, and rashes from polyester and face paint, my kid went to sleep peacefully and on time…thank-you-very-much.

I leave you with random neighborhood pictures of Ravenswood. Enjoy!



One comment on “Mom FAIL #304995: I didn’t get my kid a Halloween costume.

  1. Lacey
    October 30, 2011

    Hey there’s always next year! And if that’s you’re biggest mom fail, you’re doing ok! We’re taking Callie to the B’ham trick or treat and told my family we are letting her keep 10 pieces and giving the rest away and they thought we were the meany parents of the year! She definitely doesn’t need all that sugar and besides Callie was perfectly fine with that arrangement. (and by give it away, I meant Caleb will take it to his work and probably finish it off in 2 days)

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