Earth To Emily

My kid is 1 now.

Elliot’s 1st birthday was yesterday. Crazy, crazy!

Seeing as we don’t have any family or friends in town (except for MFA students, who only come to parties with booze) Elliot’s birthday was pretty low-key. He got a LOT of presents (and to those who gave, thank you again!) that were all pretty cool and he likes everything. Instead of giving them all to him yesterday, we have been letting him have a few things a day for the past week or 2. That kind of stuff can be overwhelming for a little kid!

We decided to take the train down to a part of Lincoln Park we hadn’t been to before and check it out. We ate lunch at Epic Burger, which was REAAALLLLLY good (portabella mushroom burger…ultimate yum) and Elliot enjoyed a bunch of french fries. There was a lot of shopping and a big, beautiful new Whole Foods…but our goal was REI, because we needed to do some pre-shopping for the big winter sale on the 18th. We need winter gear soooo bad!

Elliot napped on the train ride home and the rest of the day was a lot of playing and hanging out. Josh wanted Mexican food for dinner so we ate burritos and had birthday cake after. I made a lemon poppy seed cake from The Kind Diet and a home made berry sauce for on top. It was really Elliot’s first real “dessert” and he loved it! I’ve heard some people say that not letting your kid have a sugary birthday cake is mean and they are missing out, but I disagree. He smooshed it and ate it happily…he certainly didn’t feel left out! The berry sauce “frosting” was his favorite, he kept wanting more and more. Also, since Josh and I don’t really like traditional cake frosting and think fondant is gross, it was pretty nice to have something we really liked, too!

Those of you who know about Elliot’s birth know there were some pretty sad and scary things that happened that day, and it was impossible not to relive those things and feel emotional….but we tried not to let those things overshadow the fact that while it was an extremely tough day, it was an amazing day at the same time. I don’t want his birthday to be bittersweet every year, so we are letting go of that other stuff and moving on.

Plus, look at him! He’s amazing!

Catching the Red Line down to North/Clyborne.


That’s all for now!



4 comments on “My kid is 1 now.

  1. Mary Eleanor Whelan
    November 9, 2011

    Emily, that was a great story about how you did Elliot’s first birthday.. what a great day.. low key but just who he needed.. you and Josh.. Great ! Hope you are enjoying Chicago.. Love, M.E.

    • earth to emily
      November 10, 2011

      Thanks M.E.! We really love it here. You are right, low key was the way to go…we have all the rest of his childhood to stress out about birthday parties!

  2. Chelsea
    November 9, 2011

    They can’t miss the sugar they’ve never had! I never had sweets growing up (ah, hippie parents) and I still don’t have candy cravings EVER. Then again, I was never allowed to watch TV and look where I’ve ended up…

    • earth to emily
      November 10, 2011

      Hahahahahaha well no one is completely perfect, right? Better one than both! I still struggle with serious sugar and junk cravings (once we were teens we had free range on junk food it seems…my bro and I would drink between 2-4 sodas a day, too!)…trying to get Elliot on the right path. I don’t know how we’re going to keep him away from the TV…it is SO HARD not watching it when he is awake and I just cave sometimes!

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