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How we are modifying the holidays so The Grinch (ok, we mean I) can tolerate them. (Part 1)

This will be part one of my Grinch series. We’ll start with Thanksgiving.

My family is super into the holidays…and I love hanging with them. Josh’s family loves the holidays, and now that we have Elliot the celebrating is unavoidable. Though Josh won’t admit it, he likes the holidays…and Elliot will eventually make his own choice about them, and until then we have to find someone to get through it with sanity in tact.

I used to be more stoked about Thanksgiving, and then I became vegetarian. Suddenly looking at the dead bird didn’t seem that delicious. Staying vegan has been a struggle through pregnancy and breastfeeding cravings (which are 10x WORSE, by the way!) and a lot of times, the only “vegetarian” options at Thanksgiving are loaded with butter, milk, chicken broth and my biggest foe…CHEESE. This starts to become a huge bummer when you go to a dinner with family or friends and you end up getting to eat only the thing you made and brought yourself…and the cranberry sauce.

So we compromise this way…what do I like about Thanksgiving?

I really like food. A lot. I love having a day every year where I stuff myself to the brim with food that doesn’t get made most of the year. I love watching football and yelling and drinking beers and eating more food. I love getting up 2 hours after I thought I was never going to eat for the rest of my life and getting EVEN MORE FOOD. So, how do we make food not the problem?

1- Make our own Thanksgiving dinner: It is nice to have one meal where you feel completely uninhibited and can eat everything on the table.

2- If we’re with family, bring our whole dinner to their house: We will totally do this, and I don’t even CARE. I’m tired of starving and giving in to the stuff I don’t really wanna eat every time. Actually, we will just probably bring some of the main things, like an alternative to turkey, some non-dairy butter for the mashed potatoes and maybe trick everyone into eating a vegan desert. Muahahahahahahaaaa.

3- Beg loving family to take pity on you: Convince one person to de-animalize their Thanksgiving contribution and publicly declare them the coolest, bestest, awesomest person ever.

4- Throw rocks at every person who has to make a big joke about me being vegetarian: I will do it. Just kidding.

Not kidding.

See, I am trying to at least address being a curmudgeon about everything! We will not be going home this year for the holidays, but it’s not stopping me! I am planning an all out feast for 3, I’ll post up some pictures and recipes of what we made if it turns out well. This year I’m making this elaborate Thanksgiving tofu thing and pumpkin pie from fresh pumpkin, which I have never done before! Josh is apparently going to make some sort of green bean casserole…and if you have ever had his cooking, you would know why I am slightly afraid.

Anyway, everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving this week. Enjoy your families and friends. Drive safely and not drunkly!




2 comments on “How we are modifying the holidays so The Grinch (ok, we mean I) can tolerate them. (Part 1)

  1. Chelsea
    November 21, 2011

    At least you won’t have to drive! And when you’re all stuffed, you can just pass out on the couch. Sometimes, being far away from your family has tiny benefits (this is me talking myself out of being grumpy at another year of no-family holidays).

  2. Caitlin Allen
    November 22, 2011

    Mmmm a holiday that is only about eating and spending time with people you love (or tolerate for 5-6 hours until the tryptophan coma kicks in) is my kind of holiday too! Im excited to hear about your feast- and how Elliot enjoys it too! Miss you guys and wish you were here- we are trying to brave the pass- which has been NASTY this week, skiiers are happy, I am not. We shall see how Vivi does in 3 hour ride… Pray for us!

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