Earth To Emily


I will write about and have recipes from our Thanksgiving feast on tomorrow’s post, but for now I just wanted to post some pics from our cool, impromptu trip to Chinatown. That is the nice thing about living in a big city…I felt like checking it out, and in 30 minutes we were on the train heading down! It’s awesome, and it was a pretty nice day for being November, too.

The dudes scoping out food. There is almost too much to choose from!

They had statues for all of the Chinese Astrology symbols in a courtyard, we discovered Josh was born under The Rooster. Hahaha, so many jokes I could make.

I was born under The Bull (sometimes it's called The Ox). I am strong like bull!

Elliot was born under The Tiger. He refused to be caught on very tiger-like!

Store window.

Store window.

The main street.

I think that is Sears Tower in the background. I really should know that.

Changing trains at Belmont.

Where to next?

Love, Emily


One comment on “Chinatown

  1. Mary Eleanor Whelan
    November 26, 2011

    Thanks for sharing Emily.. looks like a great day.. nice photos to help us get a feel for Chicago. We had a great day too with Caitlin, Dayton and Vivianne, and Paul, too and even a nice visit from Olivia and Charley. Enjoy !! Love, M.E.

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