Earth To Emily

It’s December…and we all know what that means.

Christmas. Ugh.

I will talk, some other time, about why Christmas gets on my nerves.

But one thing I like about it is that Christmas makes everything all pretty, like our neighborhood. I’m excited to see all of the Christmas displays go up over the next couple weeks. Lincoln Square is decorated with lights and a pretty tree, and we were even lucky enough to see the Holiday Train…CTA decks out 1 train in holiday decorations and it takes turns on different lines through the month. This weekend was when it was when it was travelling the Brown Line, which is the one that goes through our neighborhood. I was surprised by it so I couldn’t get a pic, but here are some to let you see how cool it is (thanks, Google!)



Unfortunately, this weekend was the only weekend it is going to come through our neighborhood! Bummer! We might try and catch it when it’s on the Red Line, which we could transfer to and take downtown when we do our little bit of Christmas shopping.

Here are some pics of our neighborhood all dressed up in lights, of course it’s prettiest at night but today was EXTRA cold so we went out a little early!




Also, I got all of our Christmas cards ordered today. I feel pretty awesome about that.

Bye now,



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