Earth To Emily

Just a little bit to report…

What have we been up to lately?

Not much!

Josh is finishing up his semester so he has been super busy.

I have been just doing regular stuff. Trying to get out and about even when it’s really cold outside (I know, there is worse to come). I’m making a bigger effort to cook more and clean up more, which is pretty difficult with a teething, climbing, almost walking, demanding kiddo bossing me around all day!


Josh is done with school this week, then he is off for 3 weeks. I am managing to get Christmas cards done just before the last minute this year, so I feel pretty accomplished. We have a small amount of Christmas shopping to do and hopefully we will have time to have a little fun and see some sights before we get shut in for the winter. I’d really like to go to Little Italy/University Village (according to our map, they are part of the same neighborhood, I guess?). I am always up for a big bowl of pasta.

I’ve been thinking very seriously about my future career and going back to school. It’s very hard to make a solid decision about it, though. For starters, me starting school in 2012 means we will most definitely be in Chicago until that is finished. Though I only had about a year left before getting my English/Creative Writing degree at WWU, I am no longer going in that direction. What I will will probably choose will mean about 2 years in school, possibly longer, especially since I am thinking about going only part-time at first.

Josh will be done next year, and then he’ll be out looking for a (hopefully) permanent position. What if he can’t find anything great in Chicago, but we’re locked down here because I’m in school? Grrr. Too many scenarios! I really wish I could just be worried about my own stuff sometimes!

Anyway, the dishes are calling me…we have a friend staying with us right now (the wonderful Ian Denning) so I REALLY have to pretend I am all tidy and housewife-like! 🙂




2 comments on “Just a little bit to report…

  1. Chelsea
    December 14, 2011

    IAN! All kinds of jealousy right now!

  2. earth to emily
    December 15, 2011

    You should be! Especially since he is acting as Josh’s man-date at his reading tonight.

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