Earth To Emily

New Years Resolutions

I love New Years. I used to love it because I love any excuse to dress fancy and party all night long.

Now I like it because of the clean slate aspect. I actually like making resolutions. Some I’ve kept and some I’ve failed at miserably and immediately (especially last year but hey…I had a tiny new baby!), but any excuse to really think about your goals and your future is a good one…especially for a procrastinator like me!

I can never just pick one resolution either, so here are my 5 I have narrowed it down to. I figure after a couple years of underachieving it’s time to overachieve.

My Top 5 Resolutions for 2012

1- Continue with my health goals and correct some of the back-sliding that’s happened over the past few months…like late night candy runs! But I did kick my soda habit!

2- Start making more of my own things, especially the pricey things…starting with kombucha, bread and cultured vegetables. They are so easy to make but so expensive to buy…it seems like a “duh” thing but I guess not for me. I’d also like to try and find a good used sewing machine and maybe take a couple sewing classes. I’d like to be able to hem or slightly alter my own things and maybe be able to make things like Halloween costumes for Elliot.

3- Rebuild wardrobe. Most things I wear I’ve worn since before pregnancy, through pregnancy and the year since! Since donating old stuff I maybe have half the amount of clothing Josh does. I have a lot of sad, stretched out, ill-fitting, cheap mom clothes.

4- Grow out my hair. I SWEAR I’M GONNA DO IT THIS TIME! It’s past my shoulders!

5- Get a job this summer. I think I’ve decided for sure that I’m going to get a part time job this summer to keep until Josh is out of school. It took a lot of thinking but I think we’re pretty excited about what we’ve decided to do. 🙂

Tonight Josh and I are going to pig out on junk food and maybe have a little champagne to ring in 2012. Hopefully Elliot will stay asleep and let us!

Everyone enjoy tonight, whatever you decide to do…and stay safe! Don’t drink and drive either…duh!




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