Earth To Emily

Summer in Washington (and the toddling toddler)

The details have been smoothed out and the decision is final. We will be in Washington for the summer.

We decided to do it this way because:

1. Our landlords live in this apartment during the summer, so we’d either have to sublet for the summer only or find an entirely new place. Both of those things sound pretty…sucky.

2. My fam needs some Elliot time. Talking to my aunt, she said “It’s just so hard not getting to see him grow up!” Knife to the heart!

3. Chicago heat is nasty and humid. I will miss the sunshine, and the crazy thunderstorms. Hopefully coming back mid-August will will get to experience a little bit of both.

4. My very good long time friend Caitlin had a baby in October that I have not held or smooched, and that’s just not acceptable.

One thing we are not looking forward to is being without decent public transportation! Chicagoans are spoiled, they have no idea! We won’t have a car either, so that will be…interesting.

Still waiting for REAL winter here, it was 53 today. There is supposed to be snow tonight but last time it said that we got maybe an inch. I don’t really want a terrible winter to come but I sort of want it over with. I am ready to face my fear.

Also, our kid has finally decided he wants to try and walk soon. He’s finally gotten bored with crawling, cruising, climbing, and pushing the furniture around so walking on his own might be cool to try. Yesterday he actually walked around the house holding both hands with me(and he’s refused to even try to do this before!) and tonight took a couple steps on his own before falling. Not like there is a rush, he is hard enough the wrangle just crawling…I can’t imagine what it will be like when he can run!

That’s all for now, until next time…



2 comments on “Summer in Washington (and the toddling toddler)

  1. Mary Eleanor Whelan
    January 12, 2012

    Emily, great to hear you may be in WA for the summer…. Yakima or Seattle or what… Would be great to see you and Josh and Elliot… what fun! Good luck with your planning.. and Elliot walking… Love you, M.E.

  2. earth to emily
    January 12, 2012

    Hopefully a little bit of both! Probably Seattle (well, technically Kirkland) for most of the summer with some weekends in Yakima. We’d love to see you and Dave!

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