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Bean piles, crock-pot love, and the past few weeks…


There are some pretty large snowflakes falling outside and Josh has made an emergency dash to the grocery store for supplies. That is the one thing that sucks about not having a car here, walking/taking the train to go grocery shopping is no fun when it’s freezing cold and slippery outside.

The last few weeks have been cold but decent. When it’s above 25/30 degrees and there is not too much wind chill we usually go to the park for some run around time.

Surprisingly, we are never the only ones at the playground when it’s this cold out. Chicago kids are tough! We always see kids outside playing unless it’s really, really gross out (or extremely cold).

There have been some days where the wind was just too freezing, so we get stuck with hanging out inside. Elliot has been loving his “sandbox” made from a big bag of old red lentils, random white beans and old pasta.

Also this morning I got to Skype with my wonderful, beautiful friend Brittany who is currently going to grad school in Statesboro, GA (almost an hour west of Savannah). She is doing her master’s thesis on some very specific and interesting ocean invertebrates. Also after almost 8 years of friendship we discovered we have a similar love for beets, kombucha and pickled vegetables.  That girl is just so damn lovable!

Last week I gave Josh a cooking challenge to try and cook one dinner a week. One condition: it has to be a recipe from a cookbook/legit website. No just throwing things together. This guy has no concept of seasonings, how long to cook things, etc. (Mothers…don’t just teach your daughters how to cook, teach your sons, too! Seriously!) Last week Josh made beans with RAW green peppers mixed in. Not so good. Tonight he’s making Smoky Vegan Mac n’ Cheese with salad on the side. We’ll see how that goes.

I have been making some really great recipes in our crok pot over the past week, when I try a few more I will post a favorite. Why didn’t I think of this earlier? Elliot screams and cries the whole time I try to cook, and the crock pot pretty much eliminates that. This book has been my inspiration:

Also with Josh being at school 10-12 hours a day, it’s nice to always have something ready when he gets home (well, that’s what he says anyway).

Off to go get ready for the gym, because I finally got that going again!




2 comments on “Bean piles, crock-pot love, and the past few weeks…

  1. Dave
    February 10, 2012

    Dave here. I’m at work and had to suppress my laughter at the notion of raw green peppers. I also have that Slow Cooker book. (Got it for X-mas.) It has some good stuff. There’s an awesome Holiday Tempeh & Sage Loaf recipe in there – it’s worth trying even if it’s technically out of season.

    • earth to emily
      February 11, 2012

      That looks awesome. Most of the things I’ve tried have been really good, except for the Turbodog Root Veggie Soup. Either I made it wrong or it’s just fuckin’ gross.

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