Earth To Emily

Well, helloooo March!

I noticed it’s been almost a month since I’ve blogged…aaaah! I have been slacking big time (and am now at the point where I am getting harassed). I will try and be better about it, my excuse is that I was under the weather for a few days…then busy…well, erm, yeah…

Last month I finally got off my tush and got a gym membership and the nice new gym in the neighborhood.

It’s new and beautiful and that’s probably 75% of the reason I want to be there! I have been making a point to go a few times a week, haven’t seen any stellar results or anything but it’s a good start! I’m mostly getting ready for a summer of hiking, camping and biking, can’t wait to get Elliot one of these…

Well, maybe not this exact one, but you get the idea.

All the cool kids have them here and I’m sure he’ll love it, and it’s extra cool with a KEXP bumper sticker on the back! (By the way, it’s the membership drive right now…donate!)

We’ll also be getting one of these…

Hopefully they make ones cute than this!

Of course we wouldn’t want to leave Indie out of the bike riding fun. Guess which one of us will be riding around with the 30+ lb kid and who will be riding with the 15lb dog.

EXCITING NEWS: We’ll be seeing The Head and the Heart and The Shins on my birthday, May 25th in Bend, OR! I’m super excited about it, mostly because tickets + hotel room for one night+ driving to Bend still comes out to be way less expensive than going to Sasquatch (though the line up this year is totally worth the price, we just can’t afford it). Plus the weather in central Oregon is pretty decent that time of year and the Les Schwab Amphitheater has a beautiful view of the hills and river. We’ll be taking Elliot and my brother too, so it’ll be extra fun. There are still a lot of tickets and they are only $35 (hint, hint friends!)

Right now I’m enjoying a lot of alone time because Josh has been at the Association of Writers and Writing Programs Conference & Book Fair which was luckily held in Chicago at the Hilton hotel (1/2 a block down from the school). Josh had a book signing today for Mudluscious Press, who released his most recent book To The Chapel Of Light and he’s also doing a reading for his program tonight or tomorrow. It’s hardly been all work and no play…a lot of schmoozing with writers and seeing old friends from New Mexico and Washington who came for the conference. He’s also had a chance to really party and hang out with his new friends at Columbia…this morning he came home very hung over! Yesterday he took Elliot down to the book fair and showed him off  for a few hours while I worked out and met them later. Apparently Elliot was very sweet and social, but I’m not really surprised by that! Though he’s still not used to being away from me, he woke up all night crying “Mama! Mama!” So sad!

That being said, I am going to enjoy some of my precious alone time. I think I’ll watch some  Food Network shows on Hulu and scavenge the kitchen for snacks….though I do feel pretty tempted to just order a pizza and just have that whole thing to myself…

No, no I will not. But I will dream about it.



2 comments on “Well, helloooo March!

  1. Chelsea
    March 3, 2012

    Piiiiizzzzaaaa. Also, I want to come to your birthday but it’s a few months too early 🙂

  2. Mary Eleanor Whelan
    March 4, 2012

    Emily, love your blog.. keep it up… it is good to know what is going on in “your neck of the woods”… Love, M.E.

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