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A Trip To Boston

I started this post 4 days ago and I just can’t get it done. Before I get started on our adventures, I’d like to take a moment to honor an old friend. KyOna Hoff passed away while skiing up at White Pass on March 31st. She fell into a tree well and suffocated.

Ky after swimming Rimrock Lake with her dad, Darrell.

I dated Ky’s older brother for almost 2 years (quite a few years ago) and was close to her and her family. She even went to prom with my younger brother! Ky was super adventurous, a total free spirit, and probably one of the most genuinely nice people ever. Everyone in her life misses her so much, and my heart has been seriously aching for her family. If you are in Yakima and would like to attend her memorial service, all of the information is here:


I’ve been promising to get some pics up here of our trip to Boston. I have to say we had a pretty good time, even though sometimes the weather didn’t permit us to do much.  The day we were supposed to do the Freedom Trail was the rainiest, coldest day we were there and it was still jam packed with tourists…a combo for certain misery! Still we had a great time hanging out in the Back Bay neighborhood, from what we were told it’s one of the nicest neighborhoods in the city!

Josh and I decided that we wouldn’t rent a car and would just take the subway everywhere, which worked out pretty well. Though the subway is very squeaky and VERY crowded, it’s cheap and really easy to navigate. We stayed at The Colonnade Hotel which was very nice and surrounded by lots of shopping and restaurants. It was pretty and our bed was super comfy, though I was pretty bummed that there was no fridge (just a tiny mini bar) and no microwave or anything in our room. I definitely could not complain about the location, especially when there is a subway stop right out front. Score! My favorite part of the trip was when it wasn’t freezing cold and we could just walk around and admire the beautiful architecture and fantasize about living in a classy brownstone.

We did hit up the nearby Whole Foods for a lot of snacky type things, but we had to eat out most of the time since we had no way to heat or store food in our hotel room. We loved Trident Booksellers and Cafe, we ate breakfast there 3 mornings in a row and were not disappointed. I loved The Upper Crust Pizzeria, a thin wood-fired crust is irresistible to me and they had a great selection of toppings. We also liked b good, they had a pretty decent home made veggie burger and their hand-cut fries were awesome. I think Josh’s favorite place was Boloco, the home of “inspired burritos” including Memphis BBQ, Bangkok Thai, Cajun and Curry burritos.

In the pics above you can see we were around the corner from a TLC show being filmed, Randy to The Rescue. I guess it’s the guy from Say Yes to the Dress? Anyway, there were a lot of very very very excited ladies outside in the cold to be on this show. If anyone watches the Boston episode keep an eye out for me and Josh in the background! We don’t have cable so were not going to be able to see if we made it on as “background creepers”.

Other than the weather not being that great most days, we really enjoyed our stay. I’d love to go back when it was just a little warmer. Josh gets to go back next year for AWP and the conference is being held in the same neighborhood! He even saw he’ll be reading for Gold Wake Press at Trident Booksellers, so he’s gonna rub that in my face big time.

Since we’ve been back Josh has been back in the swing of things at work/school and Elliot and I have just been enjoying the weather when it’s been nice out. Our Easter was uneventful beside the fact that it was nice outside and the whole city seemed to be busy, so there was no one out. Our neighborhood gets really crowded on sunny weekends and it was nice to have the streets clear! We’re starting to get ready to make our way back to Washington in a month, I bought plane tickets yesterday…now we just have to get our apartment back in order for Rus and Connie (our “landlords”) to stay here this summer. Suddenly I regret my poor house keeping skills.

Now it’s off into the sunshine, I’m in need of some tea and Elliot is in need of the park.




One comment on “A Trip To Boston

  1. Chelsea
    April 12, 2012

    Yay, Boston! And YAY, Washington!

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