Earth To Emily

What’s happened since April?

Well, for starters, I obviously fell off the blogging thing pretty hard.

Let me try and break it down a little more for you.

The rest of April:

Josh worked on school stuff, Elliot and I hung out and enjoyed it when it was nice out. We had great weeks and crappy weeks, Chicago weather is all over the place in spring time!


We flew into Seattle and shacked up with Mike and Dairne (Josh’s father-in-law and his longtime girlfriend). Josh’s brother Jordan got married! We finally got to *officially* welcome Jaclyn to the fam, which is funny because they have been dating almost 2 years longer than Josh and I have even been together!

Jordan and Jaclyn with the niece and nephews.

We celebrated my birthday in Bend, OR with The Head and the Heart and The Shins. I got to go with Josh, Elliot and my best-buddy-brother Dan which was pretty awesome. I also spent some time in Yakima with the family, which was very relaxing. Elliot had a great time with them!


A lot of walking down to Juanita Beach Park, which was under construction most of the time we were living in Kirkland/Bothell last time. It’s a great place to play with Elliot and the dog. We got to go to a Mariners game, the Fremont Fair and Gasworks Park…which all make me very, very happy.

Josh has been working part-time at his brother’s company and also teaching one class on the weekend. He’s also been writing music with his friend Chad (he got to go up for his birthday, all play and no work this time) so there is definitely a Braille Tapes reunion on the horizon.

Elliot has started picking up some words this summer, not anything especially useful but he can call most of the animals in the house by name if  really wants to! He’s been hanging out with his best buddy Vivianne and also met his new buddy Oliver. He’s only now starting to seem interested in other kids , now he just walks right up to them and starts babbling away.

Now it’s July, which is crazy…good in the way that I’m ready to get back to Chicago and have our own place and some financial stability again (turns out coming out to WA for Josh to work was not the best plan after all). I’m also going to be looking for a part-time job so that we can hopefully buy a car eventually and maybe have some fun-money to take a vacation! Sorry, moving every year does NOT count.

BUT I definitely have not accomplished all that I wanted to accomplish here yet! I still have so many people I want to see, places to go and maybe even a camping trip or 2. More Yakima time with the family is definitely in order and we’re hoping to get to go down to Portland for at least 1 day. I’ve also been promised some hiking AND biking, which I haven’t gotten to do either of them yet! I have been reading more this summer, so that is one goal I’m actually accomplishing!

That is all, for now. Hopefully I will get around to this again soon.

Peace, Emily


One comment on “What’s happened since April?

  1. Mary Eleanor Whelan
    July 2, 2012

    Emily, great to get your latest blog.. sounds like you have had a interesting summer so far.. if you come to Yaki-vegas, please let us know if you will have time for a visit. That would be great. Take care and enjoy your summer.. our best to you and yours.. M.E. and Dave

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