Earth To Emily

Back in Chicago and back to business as usual!

I didn’t blog a lot this summer. I just didn’t feel like it…this summer was a drag and honestly every time I sat down to write something it bummed me out. But there were some definite positives to this summer, like:

– Jordan and Jaclyn’s wedding.

– Going to Bend, OR on my birthday to see The Shins and The Head and the Heart.

– Hanging out with my friend Caitlin and her family.

– Having drinks with Dani.

– Seeing my family, even though I could make it over twice (unfortunately).

-Going to Portland for a day, getting in free to see our friend Barry play with Damien Jurado.

– BBQs with Barry and Valari.

– Vegan food and movies with Dave Woods ( I dream about Plum Bistro and Wayward Cafe now).

– Fun times with Mike, Dairne and all of the animals (that’s probably Elliot’s favorite, too!)

So despite some adversity this summer, we managed just fine. We are just so happy to be back in Chicago and living our normal life again!

I celebrated coming back by reuniting with my amazing hair dresser,cutting my hair super short and dying it dark violet. I LOVE it.

I’m also working on making Elliot a simple activity center and going through his toys, again, to weed out the useless things. I’ve been getting some ideas from Montessori and Waldorf inspired blogs, but one of my favorites is Play at Home Mom. These ladies create the coolest, interesting, independence and confidence building kids activities. There is also a some great advice on how to set up a play area, and what sort of stuff to have in it. Check it out!

What else? I’ve been back at the gym working out and I’m going to start doing yoga again soon. We have been cooking a lot, eating really well and are avoiding take-out. Since we’ve been here I’ve averaged eating out only 1 meal per week, which is amazing for me! Josh a little more often but he been doing a lot better. It’s amazing how much money it saves.

Portland, OR

Josh is back in school and actually admitted to me he may have bitten off a little more than he can chew this semester. He has a full class load and 4 part-time jobs. Of course I’m super supportive and remind him to “buck up” at every opportunity. 🙂

Indie is doing well…now. She’s had a really hard time adjusting to the move, so much so that we actually decided to get her on some anxiety medication. She’s on Prozac , literally. It breaks my heart but she was really struggling, she has always had major anxiety issues but this took her over the edge. Crazy barking, not eating, growling and snapping…yeah. We managed to find an amazing vet only 3 blocks away. We’re hoping that while she’s on the meds we’ll be able to do some behavioral training with her, then slowly wean her from the medicine. I also changed up her diet to entice her to eat more, and it seems like as soon as I did that we started to see some positive changes, like she no longer follows me from room to room and she’ll actually let me go down to the lobby and check the mail without barking and panicking. That probably doesn’t seem like a big deal, but from where she was it’s huge. The vet said once we have her on the meds for 2-3 months, we will probably see the best improvements. Fingers crossed.

Last but not least, Elliot is doing great. He’s loving our neighborhood walks and being able to play at his favorite park. He’s adding more words into his vocabulary all of the time. We recently discovered he knows most of his major body parts without ever being formally taught, which was a random surprise! He has also recently learned the word “No” and is learning the power…and frustration…that comes with it. He’s pretty much a normal, healthy toddler….social, shy, happy, angry, loving, not-so-loving, adventurous, cautious, curious, tentative…always changing at a moment’s notice!

We are looking forward to a beautiful autumn, I think it’s come a little earlier than last year.

More fun to come!

Love, Emily


One comment on “Back in Chicago and back to business as usual!

  1. Chelsea
    September 20, 2012

    Yay for Chicago and fall! And I love your new hair!

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