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2012 round-up, on to 2013.

Best tree decorator ever!

Best tree decorator ever!

I’m not really sure where to start;  it’s been such a long time since I’ve posted. Let’s just say the last couple months of 2012 were pretty busy. Josh waaaay over-committed himself with school, work and other things, so for me the last few months were non-stop cooking, cleaning, dog walking,  kid chasing, errand running, etc. with no break! Soo…business as usual!

Elliot turned 2 on November 7th. It was the day after the big election, which Josh and I followed closely and stressed out about the entire day (ok…months) before! We were going to go do something fun, but just like last year he was in a bad mood the whole morning (what is the deal with that??) so we just ended up going to the park and hanging out in our neighborhood. You wouldn’t know the difference with him though, he still thinks the park is the most amazing place in the entire world even though we go there almost every single day.

Thanksgiving was pretty uneventful, I did not feel like cooking a big meal for us this year (mostly because I did not want to clean up a huge mess). We just kept it simple and had our favorite tempeh loaf with veggies. Josh caught up on school work and job applications while I caught up on chores. We are just a bundle of fun during the school year!

My friend Caitlin came to stay with us for the weekend in early December. She’s a 4th year med student at UW and came out to interview for residency at Northwestern, but she also spent a few days hanging out with us! It was really nice to have a friend here for a few days, plus we got to discover that book shopping while drinking wine is the best thing ever (the Book Cellar is one of the best places on Earth).

Christmas snow

Christmas snow

Christmas was spent much like Thanksgiving, except we got to enjoy the first real snow of the year! Christmas is like a dead-zone around here, everyone leaves to go be with family, but we really, really enjoy our holidays just with our little family unit. Plus we are always around to water people’s plants, feed their cats, etc. while they travel. We are really just doing our friends a service. 😉 Josh finished the semester during the second week in December, so he has been on break…though he is going to be picking up some work at the Writing Center during J-term (grad students don’t do J-term, but the undergrads do). He starts classes again at the end of January and will graduate on May 19th.

We will be moving AGAIN this year. Nothing is set in stone, but we do have a few plans in place, depending on if/when Josh gets job interviews, etc. We will be keeping most of these details under wraps until things are more set in stone. Let me just say we may end up in Seattle, we may stay in Chicago, or we may end up somewhere completely new. Does that narrow things down?

Until next time, Happy New Year!



2 comments on “2012 round-up, on to 2013.

  1. Chelsea
    January 8, 2013

    IT’S BEEN WAY TOO LONG SINCE YOU’VE BLOGGED. Can we go to this book cellar place when I come visit? (In, like, 12 days!!!!!!)

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